Release notes

Darcy Cloud: Release 2022.06.17 (BETA)

The highlights of this release are Virtual Node, and support for running Darcy AI Engine on CPU.

Darcy Cloud APIv2.2.0
Darcy Cloud Portalv2.2.0


  • If you don’t have an edge node (Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, etc.) available, you can now create a Virtual Node for development purposes. A Virtual Node is effectively a local VM that appears to Darcy Cloud as an edge node.
  • Darcy AI Engine works best when an AI accelerator (such as a Google Coral) is available, but now AI Engine can run directly on CPU. This is useful for local development.

Darcy Cloud: Release 2022.03.30 (BETA)

This release incorporates the first version of Darcy AI Explorer.

Darcy Cloud APIv2.1.0
Darcy Cloud Portalv2.1.0


  • Darcy AI explorer app is available which showcases Darcy AI featuring customisable people-centric AI.

Darcy Cloud: Release 2022.02.25 (BETA)

This is the first release of Darcy Cloud, which is the successor to Edgeworx Cloud.

Darcy Cloud APIv2.0.1
Darcy Cloud Portalv2.0.1


  • Edgeworx Cloud is now Darcy Cloud.
  • edgectl has switched its entire command structure, from noun-verb to verb-noun. We are doing this based on user feedback from customers who are more familiar with the Kubernetes kubectcl get X style of CLI. For example, instead of edgectl account get, use edgectl get account. For more detail, see edgectl docs .
    • Note that if you are using edgectl in scripts or such, and you pull the latest version, you must update your scripts to use the new syntax.

Edgeworx Cloud: Release 2022.01.26 (BETA)

This release of Edgeworx Cloud introduces application microservice container logging, and incorporates internal security enhancements.

Edgeworx CloudAPIv1.3.1


  • edgectl can retrieve the container logs for application microservices running on edge nodes. For example: edgectl logs myapp/myservice . See edgectl logs --help for usage.
  • Internal security enhancements.

Edgeworx Cloud: Release 2022.01.20 (BETA)

Security enhancements.

Edgeworx CloudAPIv1.2.0


  • Improvements to Edgeworx Cloud internal security mechanisms.

Edgeworx Cloud: Release 2021.12.16 (BETA)

This release of Edgeworx Cloud consists largely of behind-the-scenes fixes and improvements to several Edgeworx Cloud components.

Edgeworx CloudAPIv1.1.7
Edgeworx Cloud Portalv1.1.4


  • Better support for 32-bit Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) systems.
  • Minor UX fixes for Edgeworx Cloud Portal.
  • Several internal backend improvements.
  • CloudPortal: shows correct version of ARM architecture for device.

Edgeworx Cloud: Release 2021.12.05 (BETA)

This release of Edgeworx Cloud consists largely of behind-the-scenes fixes and improvements to several Edgeworx Cloud components.

Edgeworx CloudAPIv1.1.6
Edgeworx Agentv1.1.3
Edgeworx Cloud Portalv1.1.3

Action Required

For users that already have nodes registered with Edgeworx Cloud, it is necesary to re-run your project’s Node Install Script directly (via SSH) on each of your existing nodes. In effect, the _ Node Install Script_ is performing an upgrade of Edgeworx components on your node. You should have received email communication with detailed steps on how to upgrade the node.

For users of edgectl, please upgrade to the latest version, for example: $ brew upgrade edgectl for macOS.